Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I don't understand what the architects were thinking when they decided that copper would be a good siding for the school. I hate walking into a brand new school building that, on the outside, already looks like it is years old because of the now greenish copper. A bigger example of this is the Statue of Liberty in New York, which is a gift from France made of pure copper (except for the flame). Copper does, however, have traits that make it very water-resistant, but that doesn't seem to be an issue seeing as the sides of a school shouldn't be leaking anyways. I'll admit that the siding did look nice in the beginning, but I have mixed feelings about being associated with a school that looks like a rotting penny.


Mr. Hatten said...

Joey: Personally, I think the copper looks nice and dignified. Honestly, you have to look at other school in the state and you'll realize your school looks better than almost everyone of the m. Nice job on the blog, though. It looks great.

GermanChris said...

Thats true. I think the school looks kind of old. Great blog.

Tommy McCann said...

I like that you brought up this issue. I personally think the copper looks just fine because it seperates our school's apperance from others.